Microsoft Teases Windows7 Even More

Microsoft has announced today that it will be dropping the “3 application limit” on Windows 7 Starter Edition.

A while back, Microsoft announced (for netbook purposes, I believe) that the Windows 7 “Starter” Edition would feature a 3 application limit, where users could only have 3 applications running at a time. This caused uproar because as you might guess people in the tech community have way more that 3 apps running at a time. With a sigh of relief, however, we only now have to worry about what Windows 7 will cost, since it has been rumored to cost more than Vista.

If that got you down, maybe a little branding could cheer you up? The new and most possible branding for Win7 has leaked out on Microsoft’s chinese site.5-22-09windows7brnading.jpgThis guarantees that at least the box will look pretty.


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