PS3 is getting free music streaming service, Playstation Phone might be possible


Starting this summer, PS3 will feature a free music streaming service from VidZone. With this, you can have access to thousands of free music right from the PS3 XMB music section. Users will be able to compile and save their own video library, which will feature custom playlists that can be stopped, skipped and rewound at leisure. PSP owners will be able to create these playlists on their handhelds as well, which will then be streamed on the PS3. If this news is already warming up PS3 this summer, imagine what E3 would be like. Thanks to Destructoid.


Sony Ericson has not been keeping up with the mobile industry lately. They also don’t have a decent smartphone. In an interview with Hideki Komiyama of SE, he said Playstation Phone “Could Happen.” 

“If we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we’re going to lose.” 


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