Have a Relaxing Weekend

Isn’t much to report today, things have been slow for us. We haven’t been posting as usual, or tweeting as much, since we’ve been swamped in work. We will continue normal posting in the afternoon next week, along with the usual all at once news tweet. Anyway, here are the headlines to guide you into the weekend.

T-Mobile just might have unvield their G1 revision. Or should I say Google’s? Either way, it’s a much better rendition that the current G1. In even better news, after a “auto-update” (which T-Mobile preforms routinely) that caused panic for unlocked iPhone users, causing them to get huge amounts of  text messages AND have to pay for them, T-Mobile set out to fix the problem (and succeeded) for a phone that they don’t even carry. It’s nice to see that ONE company has some heart.g1v22.jpgAlong with more mobile phone news today, T-Mobile’s “Sapphire, myTouch, or G2” (no word on name) might be getting a 5.0 mega-pixel camera, which is a nice add on for any phone.

And lastly, if you couldn’t satisfy your Star Trek obsession with the movie alone, you can purchase the official Star Trek iPhone game, and you can now virtualize yourself into the Enterprise here.


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