Minor Headlines That Make You Think . . .

Seems like even the greatest of tech companies have EVIL lurking in them somewhere. Just like Amazon. They are taking 70% of profits from the subscribe-able newspapers. Does this mean the most popular of newspapers can even exist? THINK.

Even so, after all the lawsuits, it seems that Psystar is working on a Mac OSX netbook. Do these guys not get  that fact that what they’re doing is illegal??? Come on, really? THINK.

Not only that, but Trent Reznor can now sleep peacefully now that Apple has approved his app  once again. Is Apple not a consumer friendly company? Could he and all his money possibly spoken to Apple about this mistake? Guess not. Great way to handle it.

On a lighter note, AT&T might be considering a $10 decrease in iPhone plans. The price would drop from $69 to $59. How long did it take them to figure out that a lot of people can buy the iPhone, but can’t afford the plan? Say hello to the jail breakers.


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