Everyone Start Freaking Out: Kindle DX is Here

51quydhrntl_ss400_jpgAmazon just couldn’t resist.

They released their newest e-book reader titled the “Kindle DX” features a 9.7 inch screen, holds 3,500 books, and can read PDFs thanks to the new built in feature.

But aren’t we to expect more? How much are textbooks really going to cost? Where is the color screen? Either way, you can save the environment bigger and better than everyone else for only $479. (You read that price right.)


One response to “Everyone Start Freaking Out: Kindle DX is Here

  1. I have been looking for a long time for a reader which could display PDF files. The Sony reader PRS 505 has been too slow and small for this but the new Kindle DX is almost perfect for this. I use it mainly to read financial research and its working great. The display itself is much brighter that older eink Displays and fast. http://bit.ly/bRVzmP

    Thanks again for bringing the news. You can see my comments on this news on my new post: http://wirelessreadingdevicenew.blogspot.com/2010/07/kindle-dx-wireless-reading-device-free.html

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