Trent Reznor Needs Some Parental Control

Aside from Apple telling a rejected app developer to “resubmit his app after the iPhone 3.0 software update”, and indicating we can expect parental controls in the 3.0 update, Trent Reznor had a little something to say about Apple’s approval process. It seems like Nine Inch Nails app that was approved in April, was pulled during a routine update for objectionable content. He didn’t exactly let that slide.

“Now, “The Downward Spiral” the album is not available anywhere in the iPhone app. The song “The Downward Spiral” I believe is in a podcast that can be streamed to the app. Thanks Apple for the clear description of the problem – as in, what do you want us to change to get past your stupid ******* standards?
You can buy The Downward ******* Spiral on iTunes, but you can’t allow an iPhone app that may have a song with a bad word somewhere in it. Geez, what if someone in the forum in our app says **** or ****? I suppose that also falls into indecent material. Hey Apple, I just got some SPAM about ***** THROUGH YOUR MAIL PROGRAM. I just saw ***** right there in Safari! On my iPhone!

Come on Apple, think your policies through and for **** sake get your app approval scenario together.”

Reznor later states that he is a fan of Apple products, especially the iPhone, and just wanted to draw attention to the app approval process. You have to remeber that this is a new market for Apple, and they would prefer to keep themselves consumer friendly. Remember the days when Mac user’s where the creative rebels? When we all got along because we had to band together in an ALL PC market? Yea, I’m missing those days.


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