PS3 Exclusives Hands-on: MAG, inFamous, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles

This April, Gamespot and Joystiq have had an opportunity to have a look at some of the upcoming PS3 exclusives over at Sony Computer Entertainment for Sony Gamers Day 2009.


Massive Action Game (MAG) is a 256 player online FPS shooter game in which, you have squads of 8 fighting the other 31 squads. Previewed at E3 2008, MAG has a concept that is perhaps impossible to achieve. Many doubt this game can actually have 256 players play in one single match, but the same people will praise it if it comes out to be successful. The game is coming this fall.



inFamous is a game similar to Prototype, which basically follows a similar concept of GTA.  There is a video showing parts of Empire City and a little bit of what you can do in it. The video was originally presented by Joystiq. You can get your hands on this game on May 26th.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Unlike its predecessor, Uncharted 2 will contain Multiplayer, and we found out that it wil lalso contain Co-op Mode. The game is coming this fall. Take a look at the 2 videos below for more on the Multiplayer and Co-op.


White Knight Chronicles

White Knight Chronicles came out in Japan December 2008. In this typical RPG game, you are on your way to rescue a princess, and along the way you acquire a mysterious power of the White Knight. While the gameplay system is very unique from other RPG’s, the online takes you in with a 4-player Co-op, in which you have 1 hour to finish a particular quest. The release date will be announced at E3.




Last but not least, we have our first E3 rumor. PS3 might have a motion sensor controller “Sony Remote” similar to the Wii’s. Even though the Sixaxis controller can do it, they might want to take it to the next level.


2 responses to “PS3 Exclusives Hands-on: MAG, inFamous, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles

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  2. I tried unboxing inFAMOUS special edition but it went shockingly wrong… Check out the video:

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