Finally: Some Windows 7 News

aeropeekreal_02_01jpgWhile we here at Tech Tribe haven’t been able to try Windows 7 for ourselves, others did. Turns out that Win7 is a gleaming light in the dark mist that is Vista, yet it still has a few issues to be resolved. Even so, ACER has announced that the 23rd of October is the date the Windows 7 will be available AND if you buy an ACER PC up to 30 days before, you get Windows 7 free.

However, on a bad note,  it turns out that the virtualization feature included in Windows 7 isn’t a computer friendly feature. Below are the requirements for it, and that’s IF you computer can handle it.

• A CPU that has true chip-level virtualization from Intel or AMD.
• 2GB of RAM minimum.
• While XP Mode will be a free download for buyers of Windows 7Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, and Windows 7 Ultimate, you will need a licensed copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3.


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