Sheila the Laptop Hunter

Looks like Sheila ended up with an upgraded version of Giampaulo’s computer. Are they running out of usable PC’s? That was even the same store! These people never have any real requirements, and they never pay attention to the OS!

Let Me Just Say This:

Final Cut Pro would have been great for her, the RAM could have been upgraded, MacBook Pro comes with 2 graphic cards (NVIDIA, who is all about video), and Vista won’t be fun. Was that a slide-in-from-the-right transition I just saw? Amazing. Apple has already countered these commercials.

On the other hand, I guess the PC is a little cheaper. If money wasn’t an option, which computer or OS would you choose for advanced video editing?


One response to “Sheila the Laptop Hunter

  1. Ubuntu! Oh wait, Linux is free……
    I noticed that that is the same computer the other laptop hunter guy bought. How sad

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