New UMD-Less PSP On the Way?


The interwebs are ablaze with new PSP  rumors for this years upcoming E3. The “PSP Go!” has been detailed by Ars Technica.

“The hardware may feature a touchscreen and a sliding design, as shown on the artist’s rendition of what the hardware could look like. There will not be a second analog nub, so the system will keep the control scheme of the current PSP system. There will be two systems: one with 8GB of internal storage and another with 16GB. We should expect the system to be released in September in Japan, and then in September or October in the US.”

“Without any way of playing older games on UMD, the rumor states that Sony will be releasing 100 games on the online store so you can download a library from day one, and of course Patapon 2 is a “test case” for releasing retail games in a download-only format.”

Will downloaded games with free demos replace the disc?

[Ars Technica]


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