Headlines missed from this week

We have been taking a little break from posting for a couple days and we are extremely sorry if you missed some of the big news over the past few days. We have also been working on the Youtube channel and have been busy with that, so hopefully you will understand. Here are some of the big headlines we missed:

– Windows Mobile 6.5 will launch on May 11th.

– Ubuntu 9.04 will be coming out next week.

– Youtube is starting channels with TV shows and Movies.

– PirateBay going to take case to Supreme Court after losing.

– Both PC and Apple’s growth  are going negative.

– RUMOR: Patapon 2 won’t be on UMD drive

– Star Trek coming to Euro Playstation Home 

– HTC Magic coming out May 5th

– Apple counters Laptop Hunters ad by agreeing with them – “Macs are cool”

– Samsung Instinct for $50 at Best Buy.

– Nokia’s profit drops 90% in the first Quarter!

– At&T looking to extend iPhone exclusivity to 2011.

– Microsoft is up to something with Zune on phones.

– Motorola might come out with GPS.

– Dell looking to lauch phone in China.

– Hulu App coming to iPhone soon.

– Toshila cuts 3,900 jobs.

– Blu-ray sales reach 9m in Q1.

– Sony Ericson to layoff 2000 more workers.

– John Madden retires, the football games will live on.

– Resident Evil 5 dominates all games in March sales.

– Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete in Japan with FF13 demo.

– Square Enix is publishing WWII RTS.

– God of 3 CE may include PS2 games.

– Flower tops PSN sales in March.

– Sony Europe President retiring.

– WoW update 3.1 arrives.

–  Microsoft extends warranty for E74 errors on 360.

– GTA: Chinatown Wars sales aren’t turning out good.


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