Apple’s Billionth Giveaway! Tablets! Varied Pricing!

apple-app-store-300x135jpgApple is giving away an iPod Touch, Time Capsule (wifi hard drive backup), $10,000 in an iTunes giftcard, and a MacBook Pro. HURRY HURRY HURRY and sign up to win this amazing package as a celebration of the 1 billionth app downloaded worldwide!

Anyway, rumors have been stirred that Steve Jobs is still pulling the strings at Apple, and testing out a larger iPod Touch (tablet anyone?) and you can expect him to return in June. Studies have also found today that $1.29 songs are less popular than $0.99 songs on iTunes.

“For a price increase (to $1.29 from $0.99) to result in an equal or greater amount of revenue, unit sales would to drop by no less than 23.3%. On the most recent track download chart, the different between #42 and #45 was only 3.5%. One has to move up to #6 on the chart to get to a difference greater than 23.3%. The difference between the #6 and the #3 chart positions equals a 30% drop in unit sales while the difference between #7 and #4 is a 19% drop in unit sales.”



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