Monster Hunter – “The Best Game Ever”

People like me think that the best game would be Metal Gear Solid 4, but tons of people in Japan have a different point of views. According to Capcom, Monster Hunter is the best game ever. Capcom, the creaters of MH, have reasons why this is the best game that anyone can play on the PSP. Monster Hunter’s latest edition in Japan sold over 3 million copies and made it the top selling game last year. The game has a simple goal: kill as many monster as you can. With 500 hours of gameplay, this game’s real fun comes when you play with your friends. Supposedly, people in Japan are going crazy over this game and play online all the time. Well guess what? Monster Hunter will be coming out in the West. I hope it comes out on the PSP 2, but it probably won’t. Take a look at the video and you will understand what this game is truly about.

[via Playstation Blog]


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