Final Fantasy Dissidia

Square Enix presents a trailer for Final Fantasy for US. The game is already on shelves in Japan since last year. As for US, Enix might have caught some attention of US gamers with this trailer. The trailer does not involve gameplay, but it certainly attracts Final Fantasy Fans since it combines a variety of popular FF characters we have seen before.

VIDEO SPOILER: the trailer shows a good and a bad side in which the protagonists face the antagonists from all over the FF games. A lot of characters from other Final Fantasy games are combined into one game, Final Fantasy Dissidia, which will be coming out for the PSP. Take a look.

Verdict: I have played many FF games on DS and PSP. They always have a nice trailer or a prologue video of some sort that attracts you, but the actual gameplay does not turn out to be what you expect it to be. So this trailer might have opened your eyes, but don’t keep your hopes up.


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