Snow Leopard, iPod Shuffle, and Jailbreaks, Office isn’t Dead!

Apple seeded their newest 10.6 builds to developers, and it’s clear that Apple is making steady improvements. This time around the devs will focus on 64bit kexts. The iPod Shuffle has also seen a 50% increases in sales, which some may think is odd due to the outcry across the webs. Stanford has released free iPhone SDK tutorials to make your own apps, and that news comes along with the never ending story of “iPhone jail broken again”. That’s right, the iPhone 3.o software has been jail broken, and QuickPwn is up for download.

On another note, Steven Elop hinted at the Web 2.0 Expo that the idea of iPhone Office is on his mind and this to say when asked: “not yet – keep watching”.


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