RUMOR: Lord of the Rings Online to appear on consoles


As you know Turbine is a big creater of MMO such as LOTRO. Turbine said last year that they were going to make a MMO for console, but did not say which one. There is a rumor (presented by Destructoid) that the upcoming MMO will be LOTRO. They mentioned it will be for Xbox 360. On the other hand, Jostiq talked to one of the guys from Turbine and didn’t find out if the rumor was true, but they did find out that they were making plans for MMO with both Microsoft and Sony. So maybe LOTRO is coming out for both consoles (not to mention if it comes out). It is said that Turbine will have something to announce by summer.

DC Universe is an MMO, which is already previewed at E3, is to come to PS3 exclusively. Turbine’s MMO will be another one. Like Onlive’s concept, the MMO for consoles is hard to believe. We don’t know much about it. Are they going to have subscription fees? What are they going to do for the huge download size? Will it be the same gaming experience you receive from PC? 

Last Summer, I tried out Turbine’s LOTRO 10-day free trial. After coming right off from Guild wars and trying a new MMORPG, it seemed a little boring. LOTRO is mainly a casual MMO in which you do most of the stuff alone. I am not saying it wasn’t good. The game is great for what it is meant for. It may not be the best subscription MMORPG like WoW, but it still comes in my top 5 MMO list. Click here to download a 10-day free trial for LOTRO.


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