Important Headlines Missed Over the Week (3/15 – 3/20)

  • Dell comes out with one of the thinest notebooks, Adamo
  • YouTube Mobile App gets enhanced and 90% faster
  • Obama’s 2.4 billion goes to electric vehicles
  • RUMOR: IMB to buy Sun for $7 Billion
  • Facebook’s new update is what I call Twitter
  • Pandora App comes to Blackberry
  • Nokia laysoff 1,700
  • Google Chrome to get extensions
  • Internet Explorer 8 is released
  • Firefox’s mobile browser, Fennec, beta comes out
  • MGS comes out for iPhone
  • GDC is starting on 3/23
  • Resistance Retribution hits PSP
  • GTA: Chinatown Wars hits DS
  • Fight Night Eound 4 announced
  • Bioshock 2 will be coming to consoles simultanously
  • Call of Duty: WaW new maps now available
  • Resisdent Evil 5 has shipped 4 million copies
  • Fable 3 leaked through Twitter

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