Apple Unveils iPhone 3.0

Apple unveiled their long awaited copy/paste feature today, included in the iPhone 3.0 software update due out this summer (beta out for developers now) for free on all iPhones, and 2G iPod Touches (will cost $10). Included in these list of features is:

– Copy/Paste (even between different apps) – Push Notifications
– Tethering with AT&T
– iPod 2G Bluetooth Support – More APIs (developers)
– In game purchases – Ability to add more game levels
– Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) – Maps in any app
– Turn by Turn GPS – MMS
– Can send more than one photo – Landscape Keyboard in key apps (mail, sms)
– Apple Voice Memo App – Notes Syncing
– Audio/Video Tags – Live Streaming
– Shake to Shuffle – Wi-Fi Auto Login
– LDAP – iTunes Account Creation
– Youtube Ratings – Anti-Philshing
– Call Log – Parental Controls
– Media Scrubber – OTA Profiles
– VPN on Demand – Languages
– Youtube Subscriptions – Youtube Accounts
– Encrypted Profiles – Auto-Fills
– Stocks Upgraded – Share docs, etc. via Bluetooth, even play games
– iPhone to iPhone sharing (games included) – Multiplayer encouraged over internet in games

Overall there are 100 new features

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