Garmin releases nüvi 1200 and 1300

Garmin just released two new GPS from the nüvi family. They come with the 3.5 inch and 4.3 inch display. They also have a feature called ecoRoute, which finds the shortest and the most efficient routes to save gas. These slim GPS also offer free traffic information service, a pedestrian mode, text-to-speech and Bluetooth. Here are the prices for nüvi models:

nüvi 1300 $249.99
nüvi 1350 $299.99
nüvi 1350T $349.99
nüvi 1370T $449.99
nüvi 1390T $399.99
nüvi 1200 $199.99
nüvi 1250 $249.99
nüvi 1260T $299.99


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