Playstation Home’s debuts its Game Launcing feature for Warhawk

I usually go on Playstation Home every weekend to check on what’s new, and almost every time there is an update (came out on Thursday). Whenever I notice the update is here, I always hope that it will add the Game Launching feature. This time Sony did not disappoint me.

I noticed that there was a new location in the World Map. It was the Warhawk location, and its description mentioned something about strategy and game launching. Without a second to wait, I teleported to the Warhawk space. The space is quite nice, and it has Warhawk map strategy mini games and a couple of tutorial monitors. But I was more interested in the Game Launching feature so I made my way to the Game Launching menu and finally had my moments of joy. There is finally a good reason to actually go on Playstation Home.


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