Motorola- $3.6B Loss, 24% Down

Motorolas revealing that it lost $3.6 billion dollars in the fourth quarter. The loss is mainly attributed to falling device sales: handsets were down 26 percent, and mobile devices total were down 51 percent. According to Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, the answer for now is Android phones, which the company thinks will be more competitive than WinMo devices in 2009 — and he interestingly said that Moto plans on continuing to make Windows Mobile devices because it thinks WinMo 7 will be a big deal when it comes out in 2010. 

[Engadget noticed the thing below]

That’s the first time we’ve ever heard a date on WinMo 7, if you’re keeping track — and if it’s right, it’ll be the second time Jha’s blown the lid on an upcoming version of Windows Mobile. Whoops!

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